The Food


English breakfast

Eggs bacon tomato beans sausage bread mushrooms coffee or tea and fresh orange juice

Greek breakfast

bacon eggs bread butter marmelade honey yogurt fresh seasonal fruits and orange juice

Croque madame

(sandwich with turkey cheese, bechamel and egg)

Benedict eggs

(turkey, cream cheese, avocado, tomato, pose eggs, hollandaise sauce)

Scrambled eggs

(village sausage, tomato, mushrooms, avocado mousse)

White omelette with vegetables green pepper, tomato, onion

Froutalia omelette with sausages, feta, tomatoes

Classic omelette with bacon and cheese

Vegetable omelette

Skyview special (mushrooms onion bacon cheese green peper chicken)

Rainbow Breakfast bowl

Choco breakfast bowl


Savory Pancakes


(cheddar & turkey or bacon)

English pancakes

(2 fried eggs, village sausage, bacon)

Corfiot Pancake

(noumboulo, gruyere cheese, small tomatoes, basil pesto)

Chicken philly pancake

( chicken  , Philadelphia , corn, green pepper )


With cheese & ham / bacon / turkey

With omelette and panseta



Yogurt with honey and walnuts

Yogurt with marmelade and oat biscuits

Yogurt with fruit

Yogurt with muesli and chocolate flakes



Baguette with chicken lettuce arugula tomato cucumber

Baguette with ham / turkey cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise

Corfiot Tsiapatta with Tomato Rocket Noumboulo, gruyere cheese, pesto basil

Village Tsiapatta  with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, green pepper, olives ,feta, olive oil Oregano

Wrap tortilla with smoked salmon

Wrap tortilla with chicken fillet



Beef burger, tomato, pickled cucumber, lettuce, ketchup


Beef burger, cheddar, tomato, pickled cucumber, lettuce, ketchup

Chicken burger

fried chicken fillet with cheese, tomatoes and tartar sauce


Lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumber, zucchini balls or tomato balls  and feta sauce

Special skyview

Double beef burger cheese bacon egg onion green pepper lettuce tomato sauce  iceberg tomato sause

Club sandwiches

ham / bacon / turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber ,tartar sauce

beef /  chicken, cheese, lettuce, cucumber, tomato

Vegan cheese  pickled cucumber , lettuce



Fried chips of fresh zucchini and aubergine with ouzo and feta sauce

Fava with caramelized onions

Tomato balls fresh mint onion

zucchini balls fresh mint flavored feta


Aubergine salad fresh mint tomato onion olive oil chili

Spicy cheese dip with fresh chili

White fish roe salad with fresh onion, olive oil, lemon oil

Feta with oil and oregano

Talagani cheese with tomato marmelade and basil

Saganaki feta marinated with ouzo and kumquat jam with chili

Bruschetta with tomato feta cheese garlic oregano

French fries with gruyere cheese paprika oregano

Cheese pies

aubergine rolls with hard cheese

Vegetables on the grill with fresh thyme and balsamic cream



Gyros onion parsley greek salad tzatziki pita bread chips





Greek salad

tomato cucumber peppers onion olives slice oregano

Skyview salad

Lettuce arugula radicchio kumquat gruyere noumbulo kumquat sauce and orange

Chicken salad (Caesar)

lollo rosso radicchio lettuce fresh tomato grilled chicken Parmesan crouton sauce tartar


arugula tomatoes burrata or mozzarela cheese basil pesto

Seafood salad

Mix lettuce carrot shrimp to octopus with vinegar avocado tomatoes onion cucumber sauce with lemon and lime

Salad with smoked salmon

mix lettuce green apple orange caper and orange vinaigrette

Seafood Dishes

Fried squids

Shrimp with ouzo garlic fresh tomatoes

Mussels with ouzo garlic parsley

Fried anchovies

Octopus with vinegar


A variety of meats

Tomato balls ,cheese pies , zucchini balls , aubergine rolls, green peppers rolls, roasted Vegetables, Soutzouki, beef burger, sausage with gruyere, pork steak, chicken ,beef ribs, french fries

Accompanied by three sauces (Feta sauce, barbecue sauce tartar sauce)


A variety of seafood

Tomato balls ,zucchini balls, pepper rolls , aubergine  rolls , fried squid ,atherina, shrimps, mussels, french fries


Sweet Pancakes

Classic honey seasonal fruits and cinnamon

Nutella & forest fruits

Bueno & Oreo

Nutella, white praline & biscuit

White praline & chocolate wafers

Corfiot Cheese cake

(cream cheese & Kumquat marmelade  )

With syrup of your choice
(chocolate, strawberry, caramel)
or marmalade

Selection of  Ice Creams

or Sorbets

SKYVIEW Ice Cream of the Month

Seasonal ice cream served with exotic fruit

Greek Yogurt with honey

Greek Yogurt with honey and season fruits

Seasonal Fruit Salad

Wine & Champagne



Lykos malagousia


Pavlidi thema





 Tselepou mantineia

Biblia xora

( Sauvignon blanc)

 Lazaridis Amethystos

(Sauvignon blanc)


Paragka kir Gianni



Xatzhgeorgiou Limnia Gh



Antopoulos adoli gi

(syrah sauvignon)


 Lazaridis amethistos 


Ktima alpha




Domaine costa lazaridi




 Barafakas treis magisses



Skouras akres





Biblia xora

(merlot – cabernet sauvignon)








 Pavlidis Thema

(syrah )






Moschato d’ asti                      



Prosecco brut                           


Moet and chandon Brut             

Moet and chandon Rose          

Veuve clicquot Rose           

Veuve clicquot Brut      


Rum spicy mango

Black rum – mango puree – sugar – fresh lime – firewater


Bad flower

Aged Rum – fresh lime – elderflower liqueur – pineapple puree – passion syrup – old fashion bitter


Vodka Red Roses

Vodka – lychee syrup – rose syrup – fresh lime – rose water


Hand in glove

Vodka – Aperol – fresh lime – vanilla syrup – pink grapefruit – orange bitter


Tequila sweet ginger margarita

Tequila – fresh lime – agave syrup – grand Marnier – fresh ginger – orange bitter


Mandarin Passion

Tequila – lychee syrop – fresh lime – mandarin puree – orange bitter


Gin basil smash

Gin – fresh lime – pineapple puree – vanilla syrup – fresh basil leaves – black pepper


Cucumber martini

Gin – fresh lime – fresh cucumber – Madagascar pink pepper – salt – sugar


Kumquat spritz

Kumquat cream – Aperol – orange bitter – soda


Summer Skyview

Vodka – limoncello cream – fresh lemon – sugar


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